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[ voice ]

[The voice recording starts up, but the first few seconds are silent. He hates doing things like this, especially since the old man seemed to have known a fair bit of people, but ... it didn't feel right to just stay quiet and let everyone else figure it out on their own time.]

If anyone's expecting to see an old man called Raven around here, you might as well stop. He's been sent home. [ ... ] He didn't leave anything for anyone either, so ... that's all.

[He was being blunt and cold about this -- he knew that -- but he didn't see any reason to get too into the whole thing. What else could he say about it, anyway? Raven was gone, and that's all there is to it.]

[ action ]

[In an effort to keep himself from feeling too annoyed about the newest development in house 12 (among several other things that have been piling up on his end), Yuri is out and wandering around quite a bit today. He can be seen:

In the morning, walking around the perimeter of the village with his dog, Repede, at his side.

In the afternoon, in the battle dome, either fighting against generic wolf enemies in a basic forest scenario in one of the rooms OR taking a break on one of the benches there.

At night, in the Good Spirits bar, drinking a beer and trying to keep to himself. Repede is there as well, seemingly sleeping next to the bar stool Yuri's sitting on. Although, the dog's non-scarred eye does open and watches closely whenever anyone comes too close.

Housemates are also free to action things up with him in House 12, as he's around for a short while fairly early in the morning, and comes back for a few hours in the early evening

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[ voice ]

Now that things seem to be settling down, I've got a little announcement to make.

Some of you might remember way back when we used to have a "training school" here. For those of you who weren't around back then, it was made to help people learn to fight, learn new fighting styles, or just get better at defending themselves. Pretty straightforward. Anyway, since it's been inactive for a long time now - and because things are never totally peaceful around here - Brave Vesperia has decided to get it started up again.

I'm still in the process of figuring out how to actually run this thing, but there's a few things I know we definitely need - teachers, and anyone willing to set some time aside to spar with those who need the practice. You don't need to be a member of the guild to get involved, either. That goes for any of the past teachers who want to get back into this, too. As for guild members ... while I'd like you guys to help out, I'm not gonna force you to. I'll leave it up to you to get involved in this or not.

So ... let me know if you're interested in giving us a hand with this. We sure could use it.

[ ... ]

... Oh, right. Just 'cause Brave Vesperia's doing this doesn't mean we're not taking jobs anymore. So if there's something you need from us, we're still around for that too.

[... That was totally not a "little announcement". Oh well. He's also keeping quiet about the fact that BV doesn't have full control of things just yet, but ... well, he doesn't see that as anyone's business anyway.]

[ action ]

[Once the evening comes around, Yuri will be heading to Good Spirits for a few drinks, taking a seat on one of the corner stools by the bar while he's there. He usually doesn't drop by the place very often, but all this responsibility he's been taking on with the guild is really wearing him out. Heck, even though he's trying to keep a neutral front, some of the more "keen-eyed" types might be able to pick out that he's actually pretty damn tired.

Even though he's entirely content to drink in silence right about now, feel free to bug him while he's there. He could probably use it
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[ tiny introspective stuff ] )

[ voice ]

I guess I've put this off long enough. [... Geez, what does he even say? "Hey guys, I'm back, in case someone didn't know!" Wow, that's kind of lame. Uhm.] So ... for those who know me, I'm back again - and I remember most things, as far as I can tell. For those who've got no clue who I am ... I wouldn't worry about it. I'm just one of those guys who keeps winding up here for whatever reason. You know, one of the "lucky" ones. [You could practically hear the quotes around 'lucky'.]

Anyway, I'll be taking charge of Brave Vesperia again over the next few days. So, if you've got any business with the guild and need to contact the guy in charge, send a message out to Yuri Lowell. I'll get back to you when I can. Also, if any guild members have anything they feel should be brought to my attention or anything like that, just let me know.

[Hm ... Yeah, that should be good enough. Although, there is one last thing ...]

... Aside from all that, I've got a question. Does anyone know just who was in charge of that training school thing from a while back? I've got a few things to ask them, if they're still around.

[ action ]

[Aside from that bit of business he had to take care of, Yuri's also at the battle dome, trying to get used to using the control panel for it again. ... Sure, he's only got it to do basic things (send out monsters in a typical grassy field), but it's something. He'll figure the rest of it out later.

So yes, feel free to run into him while he tries to figure out how to do more than just super basic things with the battle dome, or even catch him while he's training there
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[ action - for house 12 ]

[Nice and early in the morning, there'll be a wonderful noise coming from one of the empty bedrooms in house 12.

... Except not, because the noise is a loud THUD, followed by a groan and (if one is listening closely) a "dammit" and some mumbled complaining. Being dropped on the edge of an old mattress and immediately falling off of it onto the floor because of that isn't the best feeling to wake up to. Especially when you're just arriving in Luceti.

But uh, yeah. Good morning, house 12 residents!

[ action - in the late afternoon to evening ]

[Now that he's gotten a fair chunk of his Luceti memories back, Yuri decides to head out that evening and refamiliarize himself with the village a little. Might as well try to get as much of his memory back before doing one of those "hey, I'm back" things, right? Well, it makes sense to him, anyway. He's more or less wandering all over the place in the village, but notably, he's stopping by the Smithy (might as well see if one of his swords is lying around there!), the Battle Dome (only to take a look at the place, though), and finally, the Good Spirits bar. Still, he may come across as a New Feather while he does his wandering, as he slows down a lot while he wanders - sometimes coming to full stops to look at areas or buildings.

Aside from those three places noted, he doesn't really hang around anywhere else in particular, but as he does slow to stops often in random places, feel free to catch him just about anywhere in the village
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[Background/Introspective Things!] )


Everything's over now, right? No one's acting way too familiar with people they just met anymore, or anything?

[ ... ]

Man, I really hope I didn't just mess up by saying something here ...


[Sometime after his voice post, Yuri can be seen leaving community building #6 with a medium-sized dufflebag and his dog, heading for house #12. He's not exactly doing anything exciting, but anyone is free to chat him up along the way, or at the house itself.]
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[This is a catch-all post for the fourth wall. Just be sure to make it clear which character you're tagging when you comment, if you want to tag someone specific.

Yuri is sitting up on his home's rooftop, silently judging everyone this situation and wondering why it feels familiar.

Red Saber is walking through the village, looking for familiar faces.

Tyria is in the bakery, eating fried bread and trying to ignore everyone

[[OOC: As a side note, I recently put myself on a tiny hiatus for the weekend, so I may fluctuate between being non-existent and tagging at a decent pace. Just giving a heads up on that :|b!]]
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[ Action ]

[Some introspective stuff here first] )

[Thankfully, he's been spending his time in the same sorts of places, making him fairly easy to find. In the morning to the early afternoon, Yuri can be found at the battle dome, though he seems to be doing more "hanging around" than fighting. During the mid afternoon, he can be found walking the perimeter of the village. He may do this several times, in fact. From then until it's close to nightfall, he can be found at the barracks, practicing some basic sword movements. ... Though, like the battle dome, he's doing more hanging out than practice while he's there.

Anyone is welcome to bother the guy at any of those places. He does look pretty distracted, especially to someone who knows him decently enough

[ Voice ]

[During the afternoon, Yuri decides to make this day seem less suspicious than the past few by actually appearing busy. He told the guild he'd do this later, but ... this was the best he could think of. It doesn't hurt to do this a little earlier, anyway.]

... Well, first off, welcome to Luceti to the new guys. Not exactly some primo vacation spot, but things could be a lot worse here. [Yep. Sounds good. Perfectly fine mood, nothing weird!] That aside, there's something I wanted to bring up, and not just for those who've just showed up.

Some of you have probably already heard me go on about this in the past, but I never really got around to explaining it recently. What I'm talking about is Brave Vesperia, a guild we have established here in Luceti. It's a sort of "odd jobs" kind of guild - tell us what you want to have done, and if it's not for something suspicious, we'll do it. [There's a pause, as if he's purposely trying to word what he says next in a certain way.] We've ... mostly been called on to do construction based things. ... Like building new structures, or house expansions. But that's not all we're here for, so feel free to ask us to do anything that might help you out. We're a pretty flexible group.

That aside, we're also opening up recruitment for the guild. So, if you're interested in joining us, just tell me your name and some basic skills you have. I'm Yuri Lowell, it's current leader, so I'll probably just process you on the spot. [Because he's just that much of a hard worker. And not just trying to keep himself as busy as possible. Not at all!]

If anyone has any questions, just send them my way.

[... That should be fine. Hopefully that alone will keep him busy enough to get his mind off of other things, at least for a few hours.]
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[As per usual, Yuri's spending his morning today in the battle dome ... although, for those who've seen him in there a decent amount of times, they may notice something different. Like the fact that he seems to be using a mid-sized axe instead of a sword this time around. It even seems to be making some of his artes look and act a little differently as well.

He also has a sword leaning against the room he's using - namely the katana Luke got him for Christmas. Occasionally, during breaks in his training, he'll wander over to it and pick it up, as if thinking about something related to it, but he always ends up putting it back down again.

Feel free to interrupt his session at any point! The monsters he's fighting don't seem to be challenging him very much, to begin with


[After his training session--]

Got a bit of a question for everyone. Which do you think is better - swords, or axes?

[Filtered to Brave Vesperia: 85% Unhackable]

As for you all, I figured I should let you know that I'll be trying to do a little recruiting around the end of the month. I'm planning on doing the usual through-the-journal kind, but if anyone's got a better idea, let me know.

... Actually, if anyone's got any ideas for the guild at all, now's a good time to tell me. Especially if it'd help us stand out a little more as something other than some kind of construction group.


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